Sunday, February 15, 2015

Weekly Newsletter: Exactly and Sprouted Grains.

There have been times I have questioned this. Wondering why things happened the way they did, why things are going the way they are. In reality, our path has already been set before us. Call it destiny or a religion, but I believe we all are exactly where we are suppose to be. If your current situation is not what you had hoped, is stressful or just not 'right', take it as a learning opportunity. Embrace it. Say "Ok. I'm being taught something. Let the pieces fall and I will learn."  You will come out stronger than you were before. What we think becomes what is.  Have faith, embrace life's challenges and know, you are exactly where you're supposed to be!

Health Tip of the Week: Sprouted Grains.

Have you ever tried Sprouted Grains? I've recently tried Ezekiel Sprouted Grain bread and it's simply delicious. 
Here's some information I found from Food for Life to share with you.

Sprouted grain bread is a healthy alternative to white flour or whole grain flour bread. Sprouted grain breads are becoming popular among health conscious people and those with mild sensitivities to wheat or gluten because of the health benefits when compared to white flour. Although, someone with moderate to severe gluten intolerance, Celiac disease, Crohn's disease, and allergies should not consume any type of product containing gluten. Even sprouted grains still naturally contain gluten. Sprouted grain bread is better not only because it uses the whole grain, but the process sprouted grains go through actually breaks down the proteins and carbohydrates in the grain, increasing vitamin content to the consumer.

The sprouted grain process involves soaking the grains in water until they begin to grow a sprout. The growing environment is highly controlled, including the water temp, air temp, and the time grains are allowed to sprout. Once the grains sprout, they are drained and mixed together to be ground up and used. Before the sprouted grain is used, it is a living food. Enzymes are released during the sprouting process, which break down proteins and carbohydrates. This process helps make sprouted grain food low glycemic and easier to digest. Traditional grain breads are harder to digest, and the body loses a good portion of the nutrients because it is unable to digest them. Sprouted grain breads provide the body with grain that has already been broken down due to the enzymes that exist in the living sprouted grain. Nutrients are absorbed immediately into the body, and are not lost in the digestive process.

Pretty amazing facts! Knowing that my body is digesting these nutrients, fueling and nourishing me with whole grains and not process flours is comforting. 

Children eat a lot of their daily calories from snacks and in between meals. It's important that they are rich in protein and are nutrient dense. Some examples may be veggies and hummus, plain yogurt topped with fruit or try sprouted grain bread toasted with nut butter and topped with banana. 

I hope you all have a wonderful week! Please share some of your nutritious snacks with me.

Much love,

Monday, February 9, 2015

Attitude, Quinoa and Peppers

A large part of living a healthy life is how we think.  The thoughts we have are very powerful, both positive and negative ones. Make a conscious effort to nurture a positive atmosphere.  Model a positive attitude for those around you.  Try to worry less and relax more.  Believe in yourself!

Health Tip of the Week: Quinoa

Quinoa is a gluten free whole grain that is quick cooking.  It comes in an array of colors such as white, red and black.  All colors taste the same, the white variety cooks up fluffier while the black and red have a crunchier texture.

Quinoa's nutritional content is very impressive.  While it has a decent amount of protein it has the perfect balance of all nine amino acids, essential for human nutrition.  This type of protein makes it a complete protein rarely found in plants, more commonly in meats. Quinoa offers a good amount of fiber and iron and only has 111 calories per 1/2 cup!

To sum it up: Quinoa rocks! You definitely need to add this little gem to your pantry!

Healthy Recipe of the Week: Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

  • 5 red peppers (large)
  • 3 roma tomatoes, seeds scooped out
  • salt, to taste
  • 2 cups water
  • 1 cup quinoa
  • 2 teaspoons olive oil
  • 6 cups fresh spinach
  • 3 cloves of garlic, minced
  • 1 teaspoon chopped fresh parsley
  • salt, to taste
  • freshly ground pepper, to taste
  • parmesan cheese ( I used a vegan variety)
  • shredded mozzarella cheese (I used a vegan variety)
  1. Preheat oven to 375.
  2. Slice off top of pepper, reserving the tops, clean out the seeds inside.
  3. Slice just a small section off of the bottom of the pepper so they will sit flat on a baking sheet.
  4. Sprinkle salt in the hollow portion of each pepper and place hollow side up on a baking sheet.
  5. Dice the tops of the peppers, set aside
  6. Set aside.
  7. Place water and quinoa in a saucepan.
  8. Bring to a boil; lower to a simmer, cover, and cook for 15 minutes.
  9. Heat oil in a saute pan and add the diced peppers and tomatoes and saute until tender.  Add the spinach.
  10. Season with salt and pepper, and cook until just wilted.
  11. Mix in the garlic and parsley, cook for a minute longer, and remove from stove.
  12. Add cooked quinoa to spinach; mix well.
  13. Taste for salt and pepper.
  14. Evenly divide the filling among the tomatoes.
  15. Cover with foil and bake for 40 minutes.
  16. Remove foil, sprinkle tops with parmesan cheese and mozzarella cheese.
  17. Bake for an additional 5 minutes, or until cheese is melted.
  18. Serve.

I hope you all have a great week!  Let me know how you all are doing!
Much love, 

Monday, February 2, 2015

Weekly Newsletter: Divine Healthy and Turmeric

This is so true, isn't it!? To be in a place of perfect health is a divine right to all.  It's your time to feel your best.  Nourish your body and your mind with whole foods and movement everyday. Claim your perfect health now!

Health Tip of the Week:

Recently I've been asked many questions about Turmeric

This Indian curry spice has been around for more than 4,000 years but is growing in popularity lately, becoming today's top herb.

It has been used in traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese systems of healing to treat a variety of ailments including; menstrual difficulties, arthritis, skin disease and enhancing energy, just to name a few. Scientists have discovered that it has anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidants and inhibits cancer growth!
Athletes are using turmeric to recover faster and protect their joints.*
How can you reap the benefits of turmeric?

 It is found in supplements,  multivitamins and other formulas that are specific to benefits such as joint health or pain relief.
I use a daily turmeric supplement from Mega Food which contains organic turmeric root, pepper and fresh fruits.  I use one scoop in my morning smoothie daily, delicious!

You may have seen turmeric in the spice isle of your market.  I love sprinkling turmeric on my eggs, adding to soups and other savory dishes.  I find that it has a earthy, smoky taste when warmed.

Recipe of the Week

Turmeric Latte

A delicious latte to be enjoyed morning or night.  Turmeric does not contain caffeine so this would be simply heavenly before bedtime as you unwind from a busy day!

1 cup unsweetened almond or coconut milk
1 tsp turmeric (or 1 tablespoon fresh, grated turmeric root)
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp ground ginger ( or 1 tablespoon freshly grated ginger root)
Raw honey to taste
dash of pepper (pepper helps enhance the benefits of the turmeric)

Gently warm your milk in a saucepan, make sure not to boil.  Add turmeric, cinnamon and ginger.  Wisk or use an immersion blender to create froth.  Continue to stir until warm through.  Add honey and pepper to taste and Enjoy!

I hope you all have a fantastic week!  

Much love, 

*Information found in better nutrition magazine: February 2015