Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Coffee and Muffins

In my opinion ;) nothing makes a better cup of coffee than the French Press!  Bold, dark, smooth and delicious.

Tuesday morning, I thought my love affair came to a screeching halt!  I BROKE the glass!  My heart stopped, I swear!  A certain profanity came streaming out of my mouth.  I stood there dumb founded, staring at the broken glass.  What would I do without my French Press??

My day was already jam packed with dropping off kids to school, going to work, picking out fabric for a new project ( we'll chat about that tomorrow).  But time MUST be made for the replacement.  I can not go without my coffee, let alone THE BEST coffee maker!  A quick trip to the store, with a coupon I might add.........

Yes, the coffee was made the French Press way!  And I even had time to make some Apple Crisp Muffins ;)  Recipe here

How are you spending your morning?


  1. Guess what! I found you and yes, you are "public". Love that you are starting this journey. The blog looks great!

    Um, Apple Crisp muffins? Those deserve a dedicated post for certain! :) Glad you had a delicious cup of coffee...! Can't wait to see your new project!

  2. Yes, french press coffee is the best :-) Our coffee pot broke last year, and I haven't turned from my french press since!

  3. Heather, I couldn't afee with you more. I don't think I'll every own another coffee maker again! :)