Thursday, March 7, 2013


Ahhh.... just the title makes me smile.  And sigh.... and smile again.

This past week my family and I spent some time in Florida.  It was so good to get away for a bit.  We've had quite the winter filled with colds, just like many of you.  A good dose of Vitamin D was exactly what the doctor ordered.  Although the temperatures were a bit cooler,  60's, 70's a couple of days, the sunshine was bright!  And that made me smile. :)

To watch my kids run through the ocean waves, make sand angels, and just play without any toys at all was pure bliss. Spending quality time with my family without the interruptions of work, school and media is priceless.  A quiet dinner with just my honey, perfect.  Yes, there was plenty of merry making all around.  Times you want to savor.


Sadly, all things come to an end.  "Until next time."

There comes a time, for me, when I feel, Ok...I'm ready. To be back in the fold of our home.  Our comfort place.  It's just as nice to come home as it is to get away.

When on vacation, there are more times of eating out than there normally would be at home.  And as healthy as we all try to eat, the idea "We're on vacation" makes you bend, just a little.  So what's the first thing I can't wait to do when home?  Cook!  Truly!  I couldn't wait to make dinner for my family.  Just the four of us around the table talking, relaxing and eating a home cooked meal.

And that's just what I did!  It's so nice to be home.

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  1. Those pictures make me smile, looks like fun in the sun! I can almost feel the sun...almost.
    Welcome back - here's to snuggling in with the family and homecooked meals! :)