Saturday, May 11, 2013

Cinco de Mayo

What a fantastic week it has been!  My classes had a little Cinco de Mayo "party".  To celebrate we made Edamame Salsa and Big Kid Guacamole, courtesy of Weelicious.

I know my own children LOVE guacamole.  Such a healthy snack full of brain enriching fats and protein from the avocados.  I like to make a big bowl along with blue corn tortilla chips.  It doesn't last long!

Another family favorite is salsa.  And really, what's better than a dip full of tomatoes, onions and cilantro??  When I came across the Edamame Salsa, I knew it was something we had to make!  All the yummy goodness of traditional salsa but with added protein from the Edamame Beans.  Delicious!

Many of the kids loved these dips.  Some were skeptical and 'ate' with their eyes and declined to try it. Sometimes colors and textures are just not appealing to some. I really try to encourage them all to at least try the new foods before saying no thank you.  (We do this at home and call it the 'No thank you bite.')  This is what Healthy Appetites is all about.  Bringing new food to kids who may have not had the opportunity to try as of yet.  I'm always incredibly proud of them for trying.  There are a few hard nuts to crack here in class.  I refuse to give up!  I'll get them to 'Cook and eat healthy food'! :)

Looking forward to next weeks class.  Pancakes are on the menu!

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  1. I love the idea of adding Edamame to the salsa! Genius!!! Glad the class is going so well!