Monday, April 20, 2015

Weekly Newsletter: My Wellness Journey.

It has been a while since we met here.  How are you?

I took some time away from the blog to finish up my certification course and exams.  I'm thrilled to say I've completed my qualifications and passed all exams with flying colors! I am now a Certified Health Coach!  Yay!!  Oh what a journey it has been. I've learned so much, met some fantastic people and I'm  now connected to an amazing network that feels like family!  I'm so happy I chose this path, knowing somewhere, all along, this is what I was meant to do.  This is my life's work.  Guiding people through their own wellness journey.  Helping others reach their wellness goals.  Supporting those who wish for a healthy life.  I am here.  I am ready!

This journey of mine does not end here.  I believe that each experience is an added gift to the journey that we travel each day.  I'm excited to learn more.  To meet more people. To reach out to others. Yes, this journey has only begun for me.  Life....bring it on!

What is your journey?  What do you crave?  What are you yearning for?  I want to hear all about it!  

                                                                  Weekly Affirmation:

There is a new piece to this blog I would like to add; a weekly affirmation.  Affirmations are important tools that everyone can benefit from.  An affirmation is a thought you think, a word you speak.  We create our life's experiences with every thought and every word.  The kinds of thoughts we think is important.  It's important that we choose the words we speak wisely.

We meet here weekly; however I'd recommend adding positive affirmations to your life daily!

                   Health Tip of the Week!

During my course studies, I learned about a term called Wisdom of the Body.  
Wisdom of the Body is a nutrition principle which means that our bodies would tell us which foods we need - as long as we learn to listen.   If your body is deficient in a particular nutrient, your desire to eat food containing that nutrient increases. However, years of unhealthy eating has taught our bodies to crave foods that we don't need.  You can reprogram your brain to crave healthier foods by thinking about their health benefits.  For example; I know that Salmon is high in brain boosting omega 3 fatty acids.  Salmon is not my favorite fish, however I will eat it because I know it's good for me.  With this knowledge, my body will soon crave the Salmon because I've listen to what my body is telling me.

Healthy Happenings!

May 6 th - June 10th

HSS Afterschool Enrichment Program

I will be offering my Nutrition Program to students in grades 2-4.

I'm excited to be offering this interactive class where kids will learn the benefits of healthy eating, how to identify healthy "Grow" foods in their home and out in the world as well as the importance of moving their body everyday.

If your child is in grades 2-4 at the Horne Street School, space is still available.  Contact the PTG.

Healthy Recipe of the Week!

Spicy Fish Tacos

  Prior to being pregnant with my daughter, LOVED fish.  I ate all kinds regularly.   Then after giving birth, I couldn't even stand it! I didn't like anything about it; the taste, texture, nothing! Isn't it amazing how the chemical makeup of a woman's body changes with pregnancy!  Fascinating!

So I've been trying to eat more fish....Wisdom of the Body.  I found this recipe and it is delicious!  I love spicy foods, combined with the mild white fish made this dish a winner!

Recipe is : Spicy Fish Tacos

I want to thank you for taking the time and reading my words each week.  I'm truly humbled to hear comments and questions from you.  Please keep them coming, this is truly what I love doing!  Spread the word and share my blog and facebook page with your friends and family!

Much Love,

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