Monday, May 18, 2015

Weekly Newsletter: Bees, promised recipe and healthy happenings

The Bees are Back!

Here we are again. All the familiar feeling; excitement, nervousness are back once again. I'm happy to be able to bring more bees home. 

We've gone with a new type of bee, Italian Bees....fitting don't you think? However this was purely by accident. The Carniolan variety we had before had problems with their queens this year. This is a problem we didn't want to take on; if you remember our problem with our queen in the past. You can read about it here:

           It's such an amazing sight. 

This bee is covered in powdered sugar. They are sprinkled in sugar before being placed into the hive to rid them of mites.

With crossed fingers and a leap of faith, will begin another bee journey. I'm excited to chronicle this here to share with you.

Healthy Recipe of the Week:

Last week on my Facebook page; I promised you the recipe for Mexican Quinoa Casserole. This was delicious and so easy to make!

Oven-Baked Mexican Quinoa Casserole
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Saute the onion and garlic, then toss everything in a casserole dish and let it cook in the oven for 1 hour. 
Serves: 4
  • 1 tbsp vegetable oil
  • 1 onion, chopped
  • 1 clove garlic, minced
  • 1 cup uncooked quinoa
  • 28 oz can diced tomatoes, with liquid
  • ½ cup water
  • 1 tbsp ketchup
  • 1 tsp cumin
  • 1 tsp oregano
  • ½ tsp chili powder (more if you like things spicy)
  • Salt & freshly ground pepper
  • 15 oz can black beans, rinsed and drained
  • 15 oz can corn kernels, with liquid
  • 3 cups baby spinach
  • Toppings of choice: sour cream, plain Greek yogurt, avocado, cilantro, cheese etc.
  1. Preheat oven to 350F.
  2. Heat 1 tbsp olive oil in a medium frying pan (or stove-top-safe 2.8 liter/3 quart casserole dish). Add onion and garlic, and saute until translucent, about 8 minutes. Remove from heat; and transfer to oven-safe casserole dish if not already using one.
  3. Add quinoa, deced tomatoes (with juice), water, ketchup and spices. Season with salt and pepper and stir to combine.
  4. COVER and place in oven and set timer for 30 minutes.
  5. Caferfully remove casserole from oven and stir in drained beans and corn (with liquid). If the mixture looks dry, add a half cup of water.
  6. Return to oven, covered and set timer for another 30 minutes.
  7. Caferfully remove casserole from oven and stir in spinach. It will wilt from the heat.
  8. Top with sour cream, diced avocado and/or cilantro and serve.
  9. IF FREEZING: Make full recipe but leave-out the spinach and toppings. Let cool and freeze in airtight container(s). To serve: defrost fully, lightly reheat (in microwave or on stovetop), stir in spinach and add toppings of choice.
*Adapted from Vegangela

Affirmation of the Week: 

Never doubt the power of positive thinking!

         Healthy Happenings:

Healthy Appetites Meal Planning. 

Let me help make your meals healthier and easier by doing the planning for you! 

HSS After school Enrichment

We are off to a great start!  We've jumped right into learning about how to  make healthy choices everyday.  I've introduced the concept of Traffic Light Eating; Green Light  = Go/Grow Foods Yellow Light = Slow Down Foods  and Red Light = Stop and Make a Healthier Choice Foods.  This is a fun, kid friendly way to talk about healthy eating to children.

We take time to talk about their school day while eating a healthy snack I've provided.  Fruit, veggies with hummus and homemade granola bars are a few of the snacks we've shared so far.

We enjoy PLAYING outside during our time together as well.  Games such as Frisbee, Simon Says, Tag and Red Light-Green Light are fantastic ways to get their bodies moving and having fun. Boy, these kids are fast runners!

Time Out for Mom - COMING SOON, STAY TUNED!! 

I hope you all have a wonderful week.  Remember to take time for yourself, pause, breath deep and smile!

Much love, 

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  1. Looking forward to making this recipe next week! It looks deliciously healthy! Glad to see the bees are back - I just love "The Bee Man" in that suit!