Friday, March 8, 2013

Tip of the Week


A lifetime of good eating habits and good health can be established early in childhood. Rich, creamy avocados are a kid-friendly fruit in many ways: They provide great taste, fun texture and they contribute valuable nutrients including:
  • 8% of the recommended Daily Value (DV) for folate
  • 4% DV for fiber and potassium
  • 4% DV for vitamin E and more
Next time you're at the market, pick up an avocado for your child to try.  Cut up into small cubes, it is great for a toddler's pincer grasp. A sandwhich served on multi grain bread, sprouts, avocado and cheese is a great lunch time meal for older kids!



  1. Great tips! We love avacados around here, it always amazes me how the simplest foods can be the most delicious! The girls love them sliced with a little lime juice too!

    1. What kind of cheese did you use, it looks like a spreadable cheese. This looks so good!

    2. Hi April. This is a pepperjack spread. I really think any cheese would be great; especially a sharp cheddar!