Thursday, July 30, 2015

July in the kitchen

July in the kitchen.....a time when there's so much cooking to do and so much garden goodness to be had but man, it can be just too stinkin hot to be in there! The last thing I want to do is stand over a hot stove or oven in this heat!  That's when you get creative and make delicious dishes like:

- Three Bean Salad. Really it's just two beans (I have an over abundance of wax beans at the moment). Feel free to add a third if you like. Delicious, tangy and slightly sweet, this salad is delicious chilled or at room temp. No appliances were used in the making!

- Carrots. Ok so there's really nothing involved in the preparation of this. Especially if you don't peel them. But there's nothing like a carrot from your garden. Serve it up with hummus, bean dip or ranch and you've got snack time all set!

- Crooked neck squash crust less quiche. I obviously needed the stove and oven for this one. But here's the trick; I assembled the quiche, popped it in the oven and went for a run, leaving the husband to set the timer on his phone while he waited for it outside. Win-win if you ask me!

- Pickles and pickled wax beans.  Oh these are going to taste delicious in a few weeks. Vinegar, pickling spices and a bit of heat from our jalapeƱos, these are a family favorite!

What are some of your favorite Summer eats that get you out of the kitchen?

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