Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sunday Family Dinner

For as long as I can remember, Sunday always meant Family Dinner.  Going to my grandparents for a large meal, sitting around the dinning room table and enjoying each others company....these are fond memories for me.  I still do the Family Dinner today with my family.  Even it's just the four of us, making a meal together, sitting around the table and enjoying each others company. 

One of our favorite Family Dinner is homemade spaghetti. It's a labor of love, a lesson in patience but so worth it!

I'm quite amazed that two simple ingredients, semolina flour and eggs, can make something so delicately delicious. 

As I said before, making spaghetti from scratch is a labor of love.  There's a lot of rolling to be done for the dough to reach the right thickness.

But, it really is the kids most favorite part.  Watching the golden dough enter the pasta machine at one end and come out thinner on the other.  Roman has fond memories of using a pasta machine in preschool to play with play dough.

Beautiful golden sheets of pasta. You must let the sheets dry a bit before sending them through the machine again to cut into their gorgeous ribbons.

I love my pasta "drying rack".  It's quite it's own art display; a sculpture of sorts, that I leave out in the kitchen.
The end result....a delicious bowl of fresh spaghetti! 
So worth the wait!


  1. I absolutely LOVE homemade pasta! Granted...I use my kitchen aid attachments instead of an old fashioned hand crank pasta machine :-) But, delicious nonetheless!

  2. Wow! THAT'S Dedication! I have never (dared) to try to make homemade pasta but yours looks incredible. How wonderful to share a Sunday dinner with family, it's one of our favorite things to do as well!