Monday, August 12, 2013

Now there are two....

If you remember from my last post we had quite an unexpected week.  Although a swarm is a natural occurrence, we were not prepared for it.

 After two days, Dan began the set transfer of the swarm from the temporary box to a permanent bee box.

He will continue to feed both hives with sugar water and a pollen patty; a cake of sugar, water and pollen.  Usually this is given to colonies in very early spring before abundant natural sources of pollen is available; but because the bees ate a significant amount of honey before swarming, we're adding this now to assistant in a good chance of survival over the winter.



We're hoping for the best.  We've noticed that the bees are eating quite a bit of the sugar water, so this is a good sign. 

"Busy little bees" they are!


  1. Wow! You guys are quickly becoming expert beekeepers here - I've learned a lot from your adventure! :) Fingers crossed these busy bees will continue to thrive!!!

  2. Thanks Jess! The 'new' hive is eating quite a bit of sugar water, which we are quite happy about! Fingers are crossed! :)