Thursday, August 22, 2013

One hive

Dan went out to check the bee hives.  Upon opening the newest hive, he found it empty!  Yes, empty!  Beside a few bees flying about there was nothing but an empty hive and empty frames.  No wax or honey on the frames at all.  "What do you mean it's empty?!" I said.

" let's not panic!" I say.
Searching the original hive, Dan found the second box (which name I can't figure out...honey? brood? It's really quite confusing.  As long as he's got it figured out....) to be very heavy!  Full of honey!  Between both hives, they had been eating about 20 pounds of sugar water every couple of days!
Dan decided that, due to the weight of the second box, it would be best to add a third and hopefully the bees will draw out more wax and honey up to that one.  With this decision, he thought it best to shut down the other empty hive.  Keeping it open and feeding it would only attract wasps, yellow jackets and other insects that are not welcome. 
The bees had decided to leave the newest hive, only using it for the food source, and blend themselves with the second hive on their own.  Originally, the plan would have us blending them gradually between newspaper within the hive.  For whatever reason, they did this on their own. 
This entire process has left us scratching our heads.  Did the bees know something about the original queen?  Was she sick?  Is this why they made a new queen?
"These darn (not the exact word used, ahem) bees have got me so totally confused!" says Dan.
I find myself, every so often, checking the blueberry bushes for another swarm.
They definitely keep us guess!

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