Friday, November 9, 2012

In this moment

Again, another Friday and I'm finding that I have more to share than just one photo.

Old man winter decided to pay us a visit this Autumn day.  My son was so excited to find snow when he looked out our bedroom window.  Even more excited that there was a 2 hour delay of school.  He quickly got dressed, geared up in his winter coat, hat, gloves and boots.  Grabbed his snow shovel and was out the door.  Roman LOVES to shovel! He'll shovel anything;  the deck, patio, sections of yard and of course the driveway.  Our neighbors frequently comment on how ambitious his is taking on the snow and working so hard. 

Unfortunately, the snow then turned to rain.  As I brought him inside, got him warmed up by the fire, he said; "Mama, will it snow again?"  Oh yes, my baby, it will snow again.  For that we can be certain.  After all, we do live in New England!

Happy Friday to you all!

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  1. You painted THE PERFECT Roman picture with his shovel. That boy really makes me smile! Happy Friday my friend!