Thursday, November 1, 2012

Change is coming...

I'm almost at the end of teaching Healthy Appetites for the enrichment program. With only one class left,  I have to say I'm a bit sad.  As much as I hear the theme song of OO7 - Mission Impossible- playing in my head most weeks, I can honestly say I've really enjoyed this!  These kids have come a long way!  Wanting to participate, create, explore and have fun.  It's been a wonderful experience!

This week, with our class meeting on Halloween, I thought it would be perfect to make Mummy Pizzas.  Just the mention of making pizza with kids, and instantly you're a Rock Star!
It was great fun watching the kids create their own Mummies.  Some were "traditional", some were "blindfolded" aka, no olives and some still were more like grilled cheeses!  It amazes me how creative they can be.  And isn't it even more amazing that the kids are comfortable enough to make them exactly the way they want them to be.  Oh, how wonderful this class has been!

The kids are already asking what we will make for our last class.  The consensus is cupcakes and smoothies.  Hmmm....wonder if I can find a healthy cupcake recipe.  I'm sure I can in find something here.  Smoothies are generally healthy with fruits and yogurt. My thinking cap is on already.

But as this class is coming to an end; I'm excited to say it won't end here.  Friends, great things are coming.  I'm very excited, jumping out of my skin, but not wanting to jinx things.  Please stay tuned.... the future sure does look bright! ;)

Wishing you a Terrific Thursday!

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  1. Now you have me REALLY REALLY curious! Can't wait to hear...when you are ready of course! Glad you've enjoyed this amazing class!