Monday, November 12, 2012


During the month of November, we tend to become aware of what we are grateful for.  I assume it's because of Thanksgiving.  But I also find it 'funny' that we tend not to remember this year round.

A very dear friend of mine, Jessica, got me thinking.  A family project of a grateful journal. During the month of November, and randomly throughout the year, she and her family share what they are grateful for that day.  She records them in a journal and then has a hard copy to reminisce what each other has said.  It's a fantastic way to get your children to think about what means the most to them.  To appreciate things daily.

Such a great idea.  One I'd like to start with me family.  Not only this month, but all year long.

Thanks my dear friend!

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  1. What a lovely journal! So glad to hear you guys are doing this. We have really enjoyed it so far - the girls are really thinking about all that they have - and appreciate! Hope you are having a nice long weekend my friend! See you soon :)