Thursday, November 8, 2012

Slowing down

For me, daylight savings is met with mixed reviews.  On the one hand it's not my favorite time for the simple fact that it really effects the way my children sleep.  Me too for that matter.  The kids are up even earlier than before; they've never been late sleepers.  I'm finding myself awake in the middle of the night staring at the clock. Sleep deprivation is a really problem.

On the other hand, I enjoy the way it 'forces' us to slow down.  When the sun goes down at 4:30, I feel the night closing in on us.  In a good way!  It envelopes us.  Quiets things down, a bit anyway.  The rushed feeling I feel when the kids are still outside until past dinner time is gone.  The nights seem longer ( that can be good and bad depending on the day).  

It really is a love-hate relationship.  I will chose to embrace it.  For now.  I'm sure I will feel differently in the late, dark nights or winter.  Craving my warm sunshine and long sunny days.

For now, I like slowing down.


  1. I agree! Having the cold and the dark does force us to slow down. Of course when March comes around and it is still cold and dark I will be singing a different tune :-) But, it also allows me the chance to get all the stuff done inside the house that I put off during the summer in favor of being in the garden :-)

  2. I agree - Sydney has been up this week at 5, which is too early. Still, I feel cozy in the evenings...especially now that we're cranking our heat to 60! ;)