Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Food Fraud

Recently I heard a news story about 'Food Fraud';  foods that are vulnerable to fraudulent manipulation in today's food market.  Everything from oils to seafood, spices and even tea bags!  I'm linking here an article to shed light on what 'Food Fraud' exactly means.

Although none of this information is exactly new, it does make you think about what you're eating and feeding to your family.  For reasons such as this, I choose to make meals, snacks, desserts from scratch instead of the "more convenient" processed packaged options.  That's not to say I never use a prepackage form of something on occasion (occasion being the key word), but to know exactly what I'm putting into the food I'm making and where these ingredients came from, the majority of the time, to me this is priceless.

Just some "Food for Thought".

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  1. Great article...and good information to keep in mind anytime I'm at the grocery store. I definetely agree with you and am on that never ending quest to make meals and snacks from scratch. It takes time and money but is most important and worth it for our health and our children's health! Thanks, as always, for sharing!