Thursday, April 11, 2013

Around the World....and back again

For the past several weeks, our daughter has been working so hard studying her heritage.  We started with our family tree.  This step was very fun.  Writing down where parents, grandparents and great grandparents came from. Discussing what this means, why, how and when.  Our heritage consists of Italy, Sweden and Finland.  Sophia decided to concentrate her studies on Sweden.

So much thought and research went into this project.  Each day there was a large amount of time blocked for work in the library, computer lab and classroom.  Many of her classmates chose different ways to display their work.  From Power Points, Posters, and Brochures - which was Sophia's choice - it was wonderful to see the creativity of each student.  Such detail, personal touches, absolutely wonderful.

Of course I was excited when I learned we could make a food from our country of origin! ;)  Sophia decided to make Swedish Meatballs.  A savory, bite size meatball in a brown gravy sauce.  Quite different from an Italian Meatball but just as delicious.

Sophia wrote out the recipe to display as part of her brochure.  She and I shopped for ingredients and   made the meatballs together.  This was such a special time.  Sophia was so excited and proud of what she was creating.  So excited to share with her classmates at the Around The World Day at the school.
We are so proud of our little girl today!  She's growing up so fast.  Most days I want to hit the pause button.  Just to slow things down a bit.  At the same time, I enjoy watching and participating in the transformation of the lady she is becoming.  I look forward to what she brings to the world in the future!

Sophia and I would like to share the recipe for Swedish Meatballs with you.  Enjoy spending time with your family; learning from each other, talking, and of course cooking together!



  1. Such a beautiful post Alyssa. She did a wonderful job. I agree we need to hit the pause button but to see how far they've come - and to particpate with them, that is so special. These are the times we will always remember :) Have a great weekend my friend!

  2. So proud of our little ladies! They did such an amazing job! Sophia can't stop raving about your Perogies. You'll have to share the recipe! They were delicious! Have a great weekend! Ox