Monday, October 22, 2012

A family that runs happy together.

Yesterday my family an I ran in the 2nd Annual Road Race for their elementary school.  A beautiful fall day brought nearly 450 participants!  That's an even bigger turn out than last years 287!  It's events like these that make me so incredibly proud of our community.  A small community doing big things for a great little school!

We all ran 3.2 miles yesterday.  We ran some...and we walked some.  But we crossed that finish line!  We met our goal.  This was the first "long" race my kids have ran.  And they were amazing!

As we bask in the post race day afterglow....I smile.  I smile at Roman who wore his medal to school today. Smile because he is so proud of himself.  I smile at Sophia who complains that her thighs hurt.  Smile because she moved her body in such a way, she is reminded of that.

I am such a proud mama and wife today.  We did this as a family.  And family is the most important thing.  Don't you think?


  1. Love this post - such a special day! Really a great school community! Riley wore her medal today as well and plans to "train" with her Dad for next year so they can run it together. Sydney and I will be at the end (the very end) of the walkers but we will love it anyway!

  2. Loved see you and the family yesterday! Such a great day for our school!