Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Something wicked this way comes.

Apparently we're about to get a bit of rain up here in the north east.  City offices, schools, etc are closed.  Trick or Treat has been postponed, much to the dismay of my cowboy and cowgirl.  But to be honest, I'm really not fazed by it.  I'm not rushing to the store to stock up on bottled water, loaves of bread, batteries or generators (which I hear are sold out at the area box home improvement stores) or candles.

My fridge it stocked with the necessities (wine included :) ).  We have city water and sewer so we can drink water from the tap (gasp) and flush the toilet.  My kiddos are bathed and the wood box is full. We have our headlamps and candles ready. 

I still wonder, is this another storm that the weathermen live for?  Are they just inflating it as they always do?  I'm not sure.

I do feel that we're as prepared as we can be.  By chance we do lose power, I will post again when I can.

Until then..... Be safe.


  1. Seems like we got lucky this time around...I would lie if I said I didn't like an excuse to have my kiddos home, with no reason to be out and about...but I'm glad we both has the essentials covered (the wine). My peacock and princess look forward to Saturday...our pumpkins may be half rotten but the candy will be fresh (and pretzels and pirate's booty) so it's ALL GOOD! Stay snuggled today friend!

  2. I was so excited to have the kids home, again! We've had great time together, not always peaceful or unchallenged, but I love having them home! Yes, we did luck out. So glad you and the family were safe and well. Enjoy the rest of your day, my dear friend!