Monday, October 8, 2012

Harvesting the last of it....

Fall is settling in nicely here on the East Coast. With it brings cooler temperatures and threats of a frost for the next couple of evenings.  It's time to harvest what is left of our summer garden.


We've had a plentiful garden this year.  We are so grateful for all the nourishment it has brought to us, the ability to share our bounty with friends and family, and the full shelves of jarred food we have to sustain us through the winter.  It's with a sad heart, though, to see it coming to an end.

I saw it only appropriate to make a large pot of vegetable lentil soup for this chilly, harvest day. There is something so comforting, other than the soup itself, in knowing that I stepped out my back door to make our dinner.
And there is very little you need to add to brussel sprout goodness. These gems are quite close to perfect as is; but add a touch of olive oil, salt and pepper and roast for half and hour and they're even more amazing! I added a sour dough artisan bread for added measure. :)
Even though the garden season is ending, plans for next year are already being made.  Plans for additional veggies to be grown (kale, swiss chard, grape tomatoes, garlic, more beets) and scaling down what we just had way too much of (zucchini and large tomatoes).
I look forward to next year and will enjoy all that this year has brought to our table.


  1. Your garden was beautiful this Summer, it is sad to see it go! I am, however, so happy that it's officially time to enjoy all these delicious soups! We had minestrone with a loaf from Trader Joes - so good! :)

    1. I love Minestrone! It may be my next soup on the menu! :)