Monday, October 15, 2012

A girls day.

Yesterday I had the pleasure in spending quality time with Sophia.  We went on a Mother-Daughter Yoga Retreat at our local yoga studio.

During these busy days of school, work and activities, it's easy to loose track of time and disconnect.  The class is designed to foster trust, mutual respect and positive communication for both mother and daughter.   All three of these are extremely important to me.  I try on a daily basis to instill trust, respect and positivity in all of my family members.  But the bond between mother and daughter is something quite special, don't you think?  I want my daughter to always trust me, to come to me knowing that I will listen.  I will not judge or turn her away.  These three important aspects, Trust, Respect, Positivity lay the ground work for future relationships.

Sophia and I had a wonderful time.  We practiced some of our favorite yoga moves such as, Child's Pose and Down Dog. We meditated and gave each other massages.  We were able to write down feelings that are not giving us peace and then tearing up those pieces of paper and throwing them away. Letting them go.  It was such a powerful and emotional experience.

Sophia and I left the retreat with a new perspective of one another.


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  1. So glad that we were able to experience this with you. I thought it was a wonderful class and am looking forward to the next one! It was a special day!