Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Reading together...

Every evening at bedtime my husband and I read to our kids; switching who reads to who.  Sophia is the oldest and now reads to one of us most evenings.  But I also think it's important for us to read together as a family.

The book I've chosen for our family read is: The Children of Noisy Village by Astrid Lindgren. You may recognize her, she's the author of the Pippi Longstocking books. It's a tale of six children living on a group of three farms in the Swedish countryside

Why this book, you may ask? It's the title of the book that stopped me in my tracks. I swear we live in Noisy Village!  Our village consists of ten noisy children; all within yelling distance to each other.  While we don't live in the Swedish countryside, the similarities are striking.  Our ten children play together EVERYDAY! Many a morning this summer (now on the weekend) you'll find one of them riding their bikes on the street and that starts the steady stream of the nine others out to follow.  My two have used walkie talkies as a form of communication with two others when getting outside just wasn't an option.  They've all shared lunches outside when stopping play to eat was just unheard of.

It's a wonderful thing!  I feel very lucky that my children have such wonderful friends.  Friends that at times feel more like family.  And sometimes they may fight like family.  One may be "mean" because he or she doesn't want to play what the other wants to. Or sometimes the Village really is too noisy and one (or more) of the ten need some quiet time.  And they all "get it".  They all have it figured out, because really to be a child should be that simple.  Like a storybook.

I'm excited to read this book together; and look forward to reading many others as a family.

What are you and your family reading these days?

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  1. It's a wonderful place to live, you are certainly lucky! I think the sweetest sounds are children playing and they will certainly remember these very special days together. That book looks fantastic! I have to check it out. We read nightly and Riley has taken over on most evenings. It's so sweet to find the girls reading with one another.