Thursday, October 25, 2012

Knitting away.

As the temperature begins to fall, I'm reminded of how much knitting I have (or would like) to do.
Handmade knits for my little ones; a cowl for Sophia, hats and mittens for both, maybe another hat for the mister and oh how I'd love a sweater for me. I can not forget about the holiday gifts I'd like to give to friends and family. Oh boy...this mama needs to get moving.

Before I begin all the other knits; I need to finish my current project and get that off the needles.

I'm at the tale end of a very lengthly (maybe not too long, but seems like it) project; a pillow cover.  I've been wanting some throw pillows for our couch in the living room.  I thought a knitted cover would be nice, different from the usual sewn variety.  I found the pattern here.  I picked the simplest pattern.  Simple meaning, it got a bit tedious because that pattern is nothing but a garter stitch.  But the yarn I used, Cascade 220 Peruvian Wool in Heather is simply gorgeous!  The yarn is the star of this project.
Over the summer you could find me knitting away at this project.  Knitting anywhere I could.  In the waiting room of a doctor's office, in the car (passenger seat of course),  on the "side street" while watching my little ones ride their bikes.  And it just seemed to go on forever.
But now my friends, alas, I am finished!

An envelope closure and a backstich and tada..... my pillow!
Only two more to go.  But this time I'll make something with a pattern....just to keep it interesting!
What do you have flying off your needles these days?

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  1. I absolutely love the yarn - so pretty! Such a talented Mama! I think it's great that you can make beautiful gifts for family and friends this holiday! I've been not knitting but making more headbands in preperation for my upcoming craft fairs. This Mama is NOT prepared! ;)